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Large Display System
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  • Universal display for graphics, synoptics and text
  • For indoor and outdoor - application available
  • 3 colour LED´s or Multicolor version
  • Modular
  • Easy to use editing software on PC
  • Screen copy is possible (with limitations)
  • Interface for PC or PLC
  • power supply 230 or 415 V AC
  • Low power consumption
  • Cascadable, individually addressed
DMS Großanzeige


With the system, synoptic boards and information screens can be created without any restriction. With these panels, built up with modules, almost every dimension or application is within reach.

Various industrial applications are possible, such as on-line messages about quality control, production schedules, the visualisation of a process flow, error messages, status reports of machines etc. The system can operate either autonomously, or under the supervision of a PLC, a PC or a central computer; an optimal functioning is always guaranteed.

LED-modules, mountable in both directions in matrix on a DIN-rail system, from the basis. An aluminium muffled frame is placed around the elements, if so desired with an antireflecting screen.

The modules are internally connected by way of a bus system. A central control unit driven by a quick microprocessor sends the graphic information towards the different modules.

On these boards texts and numbers can be shown, as well as symbols and synoptics in every dimension. It is also possible, with a limited resolution, to display the screen of a PC.

The synoptics are drafted and drawn on a PC. A control condition can be assigned to each symbol, text or synoptic, determining if the specific graphic information has to be displayed on the notice board.

If the synoptic boards are controlled via a serial line, several boards can be cascaded. Every display can possess its own address and subaddress, so a series of boards can be controlled simultaneously enabling the customer to adapt the information on each board individually.

General technical specifications of modules Standard MC-Multicolor
Distance between LEDs 7.62 mm (in both directions) or 4.76 mm
Dimensions of 7.62 mm module height 122 mm x width 244 mm
Dimensions of 4.76 mm module height 76 mm x witdh 152 mm
Weight 470 gram
Number of LEDs 512
Each LED can adopt three different colours green, orange, and red 256 mixed color out of green, orange and red
Assembly fit for DIN-rail system
Average consumption 1A (measured at 5 V, dependent on the illumination)
Data connection with 16-wire flat cable (bus system)
Maximum number of modules for each central control unit 224 (=7 m2 of display)
(several control units can be connected in cascade in order to built larger panels)
Supply connection with 2 pole print connector (internal 5V)
Mechanical data
Suspension on top of the larger types hoist eyes are provided, this for manipulation and for the security after the suspension
- single-sided 2 bolts M10 in the central suspension point in the middle of both sides
- double-sided specific suspension parts are also supplied, to fix with 2 bolts M10 on each side
Weight ca. 40 kg/m2 single sided
Height outer rim of the aluminium frame 40 mm
Depht of the frame 105 mm
Colour white (standard)
It is recommended to keep a minimal distance before and after the suspended displays, in order not to hinder the accessibility for the maintenance and not to obstruct the ventilation.
Access to the display at the back the display is equipped with doorsm, which can be opened with a standard key for a switch box.
Electrical Data
Average electrical consumption 200 W/m²
Max. consumption for total illumination 500 W/M²
On demand it is possible to limit the maximum consumption in software
Connection (on demand) · PENCON (PC-type) main cord (single-phased)
  · industrial - 16 A - IP44 - type 9101 BLU, 220/250 V AC, 3 pin 2 pole + earth (single-phased)
  · industrial - 16 A - IP44 - type 9115 RED, 380/415 V AC, 5 pin 3 pole + earth (three-phased)
Data connections
Three types of connections are possible · an RS-232 connection for communication at short distance
  · an RS-485 connection for use in a network configuration for industrial applications
  · a parallel connection for PLC control or a simple hand-operated keyboard
Option a parallel connection for PLC control or a simple hand-operated keyboard