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PLC 102 Compact control system
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PLC 102

  • 6" black and white LC-display 320x240 pixel
  • 2 x 32-bit-processor - power
  • S5 compatible PLC
  • ergo button design
  • horizontal and vertical construction shape
  • all important field bus interfaces
Not every compact PLC may deserve this name for its own,
the PLC 102 from Wöhrle however can do this surely.

PLC 102

Wöhrle has launched a new compact PLC to the marked named PLC 102. This is a numerous renewal of an already multiple proved operation and controlling unit for simple up to middle tasks of automation and monitoring of machines and equipment.

This PLC belongs to a generation of controlling systems which can related more to the classic data processing units,

for example input of processing data, HMI and communication. This unit is furnished with integratedgraphic-able LC-Display and film keyboard and has two modern separate processing units in 32-bit format for PLC and HMI (human machine interface). Both the processing units are connected with a fast and simple interface. Due to this fact the processing unit is able to access to all kinds of data of the PLC including the processing picture-copy. The controlling part of the PLC 102 is to be programmed with Siemens STEP 5, the programming of the graphic part is to be done by means of one of the well-known high-level programming languages at the PC.